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Name: Lyla
Email: I will give this out with a PM so I am not spammed!
I'm Seeking: A friend! In the states would be best for the amount of money involved in sending mail. If you would rather send Email then that is fine!! I do not have much stationary anyway.. I would prefer a girl with a little more experience than me. I am very new to lolita, but I am already wearing it casually every day and plan to keep expanding my closet until it is full of ribbons and lace! I would prefer someone that likes makeup as well, that is also on the thinner side and that can appreciate and critique my style from head to toe, even if it is not their own. I would love to swap critiques and suggestions for outfits and the next great buy! I am 23 and age does not matter to me, as long as someone is decently mature and nice.
My Favourite Styles: Classic and Casually Classic! I love my circle lenses and lashes but I never wear wigs :>
My Favourite Brands: Innocent World, Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden, and I have nothing against taobao or offbrand as long as it is lovely and it works.
The best thing about being a Lolita is: Playing dress up every day! I think many girls are still little princess at heart and there is nothing better than the feeling of putting together outfits and feeling pretty and cute and regal!
Other interests: I am a 23 year old Taoist and college student that is off for the semester. I love to play video games (especially RPGs and rhythm games), D&D, larp, and bumble around on the internet and television. I am also a model and makeup artist and I love interior design and anything to do with aesthetics. I love to draw but I am not very good yet (in my opinion) but it will not stop me from doodling in my letters. I live with my fiancé and neither of us get out much and I do not have many friends, especially girls, so I am very excited to make friends.

It would be lovely to get to know someone, help trade outfit advice, and even possibly meet one day! Thank you!

A Welcome!

Hi! I haven't made a livejournal in a long time! I did this mostly because of my interest in shop groups, so you aren't going to see a lot of personal posts here, sorry.